The BCSP Foundation is pleased to announce the 2022 Officers for the Board of Trustees. Tony Militello, P.E., CSP, CQE will assume the role of Chair; Travis Kruse, Ph.D., MS, CSP will take over as Vice Chair, and Robert Mayes, Jr., MBA will be the Foundation’s Treasurer. 

“This leadership group comprises the expertise, professionalism, and dedication needed to guide the Foundation as we begin to expand into new areas and exciting opportunities,” said Christine McConnell, MPA, Deputy Executive Director of the BCSP Foundation. “As we increase our investment efforts in safety practitioners, workforce training, innovation, and support of the youth, it is crucial that we have a cohesive and knowledgeable team to lead us, and with this group, I am confident we will accomplish all the goals set before us.”

Joaquin Diaz, CSP, CHST, OHST; Jane Beaudry, CSP, CHST, STSC; and Shawna Fraser, MS, CHST, CUSP, GSP, CSHO C/GI will continue their service to the Foundation as Trustees. Ray Ferrara, CFP who served as the Foundation’s Chair since 2020, will now serve as Past-Chair.

We are grateful to all these individuals for donating their time in support of a worthy cause. We are excited to get to work and continue to create measurable impact for those we serve.


Bios for each of these Foundation Leadership members can be found here