In this episode of ISHN’s podcast, safety professional Heather Chapman, MS, CSP, CHMM, CEAS, shares her thoughts on this year’s safety trends and her predictions for where the industry is heading. She also discusses what she thinks safety professionals should focus on. She also talks about the near future when it comes to wearables,and how to best utilize that technology and data.

Chapman is U.S. Account manager at Soter Analytics, Principal at Paradigm Safety, ISO45001 lead auditor and member of the AIHA Total Worker Health National Task Force.


“We need to recognize that what motivates one person might not motivate another; so how do you address that,” Chapman says. Safety professionals need to create a safe and welcoming environment for incoming young talent, she says. 

Other areas of interest covered in this episode include mental health in the workplace.

“Mental health was a taboo topic for so long,” she says in this episode, “if we can attribute anything positive to Covid, perhaps it’s that we started to normalize these mental health conversations.”

Listen now to hear Chapman’s suggestions for improvement as well as actionable steps organizations and individuals can implement this year.