In the second “Clean Conscience” ethics podcast, the controversial subject of employee surveillance and monitoring using modern technology is discussed by Dave Roskelley of R&R Consulting and Mark Katchen, managing principal of The Phylmar Group.

One example discussed: ABC Chemical Company (ABC) manufactures polymer X.  The exposure to the monomer used to produce this polymer has been associated with causing chromosomal damage in susceptible individuals.  The chromosomal damage can lead to the development of several blood disorders including leukemia and aplastic anemia.

There is a test available that can identify susceptible individuals and ABC would like to use the test to screen potential workers on the monomer line.


  1.  Does ABC have the ethical right to require the testing of prospective employees?  If so, what are their ethical obligations regarding the results of the testing?
  2. As the health and safety professional working for ABC, what are your ethical obligations regarding the testing?