Whether at substations or in the field, electric utility transmission and distribution identification products that are painted and laminated frequently fade, delaminate, and become unreadable when continually exposed to outdoor weather conditions.

Today, safety signage is designed and constructed to ensure readability after decades. One type of sturdy signage system developed for the industry, called EVERLAST by Tech Products, Inc., a leader in industrial identification products for 75 years, is made of thick, high-impact polyolefin plastic with copy and pictograms that are permanently embedded. 

Polyolefin plastic is impervious to sun, wind, rain, humidity, salt water, temperature variations, fumes, and acid or alkali solutions. The signage can be cut or scratched with little or no effect to the embedded characters.

Another effective method of creating permanent signage is to utilize embossing to improve legibility even when covered in dust, dirt, or paint. Deep embossed pole badge, pole inspection, and pole markers can be constructed of unpainted aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. 

For metal reflective pole tags, black characters can be screen printed on construction-grade yellow or silver reflective sheeting so that it is durable, and UV stabilized. 

For tight spaces requiring close-up reading, miniature markers with raised 3D characters, called FastTags by Tech Products, Inc. remain legible even in low light, oily, or dusty environments.

The potential that critical information could become obscured or unreadable in a matter of years is no longer acceptable as a standard. Utilities that use innovative products designed to last for decades can significantly improve safety and uptime while reducing potential liability and litigation risk.

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