The YouthRules! Web site offers a section on safety and health that provides the following information by clicking on the title of these links:

  • "Employer's Guide to Teen Worker Safety " - This site is a quick look at the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA child labor provisions are designed to protect minors by restricting the types of jobs and the number of hours they may work.

  • "Ideas From Other Employers" - Examples of safety practices that are being used successfully by employers across the country.

  • "Resources to Tap" - People and places to contact for child labor expertise in various areas, including establishing a workplace safety program.

  • "Teen Injury Information" - Statistical information on how and where teens are injured on the job.

  • "Safe Work/Safe Kids Initiative" - This page links users to information on various Labor Department efforts to keep youth workers safe on the job.

  • "The Teen Worker's Bill of Rights" (in English and Spanish) - Informs teenage workers that they have a right to: a) be paid at least the minimum wage; b) overtime pay for overtime work; c) a safe workplace; d) equal employment opportunities; and e) a work environment free from sexual and physical harassment.