Almost nine out of ten safety and health pros (86 percent) use email on the job, and 83 percent access Internet Web sites, according to Industrial Safety & Hygiene News’ annual White Paper reader survey.

Other tech tools are also popular:

  • 54 percent of those surveyed used CD-ROM references

  • 50 percent use cellular telephones

  • 49 percent access corporate Intranet sites

  • 46 percent use pagers

  • 36 percent use lap top computers

Readers whose job function is primarily industrial hygiene show the highest regard for tech tools. Fifty-six percent of the industrial hygienists surveyed use lap tops, and 93 percent use the Internet.

ISHN’s 17th Annual White Paper survey is based on responses from 956 readers. Based on a mailing to 4,687 readers, the survey has a 20 percent response rate.