Safety 2012A quick tour of the ASSE bookstore in the Colorado Convention Center at the group’s annual meeting gives you an idea of the books on the nightstand of safety pro’s:

“Murder by Electrocution,” a fictional account of a worksite multiple fatality, written by David MacCollum, a professional engineer.

“Sway – the Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior”

“The Voice of Authority: 10 strategies every leader needs to know”

“Triangle – the fire that changed America”

“Abundance – the future is better than you think”

“The No Complaining Rule – Positive Ways to Deal With Negativity at Work”

“People Skills at Work”

“Radical Edge: Stoke your business, Amp your life, and Change the world”

(gets our vote for best title)

“Managing the Generation Mix – From Collision to Collaboration”

“Brand: You – Personal Branding for Success in Life and Business”

“Lean Sustainability – Creating Safe, Enduring, and Profitable Operations”

(gets our vote for the title incorporating the most buzzwords: lean, sustainability, safe and enduring… all that’s missing is “culture”

Overhead at the book rack: an industrial hygienist studying to pass the certified industrial hygiene (CIH) exam takes a look at a collection of Dan Petersen books and says to herself, “I don’t want that stuff, I want the stuff I can learn from.”

(and we wonder why IH’s have niched themselves as technocrats…)

On Monday and Tuesday on the expo floor, BST CEO Colin Duncan will lead a discussion on BST’s newest book, “The Zero Index – A Path to Sustainable Safety Excellence.” Duncan is the general editor of the book, with contributions by BST consultants,

At the same times, Dr. E Scott Geller will be at the Safety Performance Solutions booth signing and giving away free copies of his book, “The Courage Factor: Leading People-Based Culture Change.”

And Aubrey Daniels and Judy Agnew will be at the ADI booth ready to talk about their latest book, “Safe by Accident? Leadership Practices that Build a Sustainable Safety Culture.”

The book publishing industry is going through chaos with e-books, quickie self-published books, disappearing book stores, but you wouldn’t know it at the ASSE meeting.