American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) members have elected their 2003 officers to the AIHA Board of Directors. These new board members will be inducted at AIHA's annual business meeting on Thursday, May 15. The meeting will take place during the annual American Industrial Hygiene conference and exposition (AIHce) in Dallas, Texas, May 10-15.

The meeting will also mark the beginning of the term of Donna Doganiero, CIH, as president-elect and Tom Grumbles, CIH, as president.

The results are:

  • Roy M. Buchan, DrPH, CIH, will serve as AIHA's new vice president. A former member of the AIHA Board of Directors (1999-2002), Buchan has also served on many AIHA committees, including the International Affairs Committee, the Aerosol Committee, the Management Committee, and the Continuing Education Committee. He has been a member since 1972 and was elected an AIHA Fellow in 1992. He is with Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo.

  • Lindsay E. Booher, CIH, CSP, the treasurer-elect, is a former member of the Noise Committee and the Practices, Standards, and Guidelines Committee. He was a member of the board of directors from 1998-2001 and served as chair of the Products and Services Task Force. Booher is with ExxonMobil Corp., Fairfax, Va.

  • Marshall S. Denhoff, CIH; Stephen H. Gutmann, CIH, CPE; and, Elizabeth L. Pullen, CIH, have been elected to the board of directors. Denhoff is a past president of the BC Yukon Section. Gutmann, a member since 1981, is a past chair of the Ergonomics Committee and past president of the Upper Midwest Section. Pullen is a past chair of the Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee and past president of the Carolinas Section.