OSHA's ergo standards-setting effort has ground to a halt. So what's the latest on work by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Committee on Control of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (Z365) to develop a voluntary ergo standard for use by industry?

This volunteer project got underway in 1990, and involves 55 committee members from business, labor, government, academia, associations, consulting firms and insurance companies.

Earlier this year the committee released its second official proposal, "Management of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders." It's intended as a broad-based guide for managers and occupational safety and health pros to voluntarily keep workers safe from work-related musculoskeletal disorders in any industry.

Eighty to 90 public comments on the proposal were received by the committee, which is now reviewing and responding to each one, as well as debating the proposal's details among members. The committee will decide its next move in a meeting early in 2002.

A copy of the proposed American National Standard is available from the National Safety Council by calling 1-800-621-7619.