OSHA's new ergo effort is showing signs of life: ten coordinators have been named for each of the agency's ten regional offices to assist OSHA staff, employers, employees and others with ergonomic issues.

All are experienced in identifying ergonomic hazards and suggesting solutions for common problems that can be associated with musculoskeletal disorders. They will serve as a resource for inspectors, help with outreach and education, and respond to specific questions from employers and employees.

OSHA's regional ergonomics coordinators are:

  • Region I (Boston) Fred Malaby (617) 565-9860
  • Region II (New York) Paul Cherasard (212) 337-2378
  • Region III (Philadelphia) Jim Johnston (215) 861-4900
  • Region IV (Atlanta) Jim Drake (404) 562-2300
  • Region V (Chicago) Dana Root (312) 353-2220
  • Region VI (Dallas) Susan Monroe (214) 767-4731
  • Region VII (Kansas City) JoBeth Cholmondeley (816) 426-5861
  • Region VIII (Denver) Terry Mitton (303) 844-1600
  • Region IX (San Francisco) Barbara Goto (415) 975-4310
  • Region X (Seattle) Steve Gossman (206) 553-5930