The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), one of the oldest and largest professional safety organizations in the nation, renewed its alliance with OSHA this week. Originally signed in December 2002, the alliance has been formally extended for two additional years.

“The results of the alliance to date — better communications, a greater understanding of the unique roles our members and OSHA staff play, and a mutual advancement of professionalism — can only help make America's workplaces safer and healthier,” said ASSE President James Kendrick, CSP. “Over the next year and beyond, we look forward to building similar practical, meaningful opportunities to advance these and other issues together."

As a direct result of the alliance, ASSE established a member-driven ergonomics task force of leading ergonomics practitioners and researchers. The association also developed a list of links to ergonomic resources for its Web site.

In addition to ergonomics and motor vehicle safety, the renewal calls for OSHA and ASSE to focus efforts on non-English speaking and youth workers. During the coming year, both organizations will work together to develop programs, distribute information and advance awareness of safety issues for these workers.