In the spirit of Earth Day April 22, Xerox Corp. offers seven ways that office managers and office workers can collaborate to minimize the environmental impact of everyday business activities:

1. Use paper efficiently. Making two-sided prints and copies, printing multiple images per page, and printing on-demand -- creating documents only in the quantity and at the time needed - prevents waste and saves energy.

2. Recycle the paper you use, and use recycled paper. Install bins in several office locations to make it easy to collect paper for recycling or for reuse as notepaper. And commit to purchasing recycled paper - it can meet the same performance specifications as non-recycled paper.

3. Reach for the ENERGY STAR(R). Upgrading old products with new, more efficient systems will save energy.

4. Replace stand-alone office products with multifunction systems. Evaluate your work requirements; an office copier, two printers and a fax machine can consume 1070 kWh of energy each year. But if one multifunction system can handle your document needs, it uses only 800 kWh annually.

5. Return print/copy cartridges and supplies for recycling. Never throw a spent toner cartridge away; these components have multiple lives.

6. Seek office equipment with remanufactured or recycled parts. Despite a decade of proof, there are still buyers who mistakenly believe that products with recycled-part content are not as good as those built with all-new parts.

7. Use scan-to-file and scan-to-email capabilities. Hardcopy documents can be easily shared electronically using scanning features and software built into office systems.