As an EHS professional, you’re overwhelmed with rules and regs information, bulletins, alerts, training options. Every day your email inbox is stuffed with offers.

As a customer-focused media company, BNP Media andISHNare committed to delivering information in ways that will make your job easier and more efficient. Here’s how:

1 - Go online for training and certification
Today, high-speed connections, in-house projection, enhanced software, improved two-way communication, and experienced providers make Web-based training an engaging experience.

Challenge your staff to use Webcasts instead of costly travel and you’ll improve training. Look toISHNmagazine for a new line-up of Webcasts in ’08.

2 - Use online community to obtain real-time, real-life answers
A huge benefit of online community is free access to people just like you who have already tackled your challenges. Enter your worksite’s safety and health program inISHN’s second annual “Safety That Soars” competition and benchmark your efforts against the best. Go to today and read about Atlantic Marine Alabama, our recent 2006 winner.

3 - Find information with lightning speed
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a geeky way of saying “fast answers.” But Google can be overwhelming when you pull up 101,234 results. A better option is vertical search – using the search functions at the top of the homepage. We license Google technology for speed but limit the search to a highly defined universe of EHS data, making your search vastly more efficient.

4 - Locate products quickly with online directories
OK, you love your print directories of safety products and services. Why use an online directory? Print directories remain excellent resources, in factISHNwill print a digest-size directory in 2008. Keep your print directories handy, but click onISHN’s online buyers guide for even more updated and comprehensive information.

5 - Read breaking news
ISHN’s web site is updated daily with the latest EHS news. Plus you can search through our archive of news stories. And you can subscribe toISHN’s unique Ezine, which gives feature-length coverage of breaking news stories that you will not find inISHN’s print edition. Make use of RSS feeds found on our site. RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a way to bring the articles fromISHNto your desktop, internet browser, or even a mobile device using your favorite RSS reader. In order to view the RSS feed, simply click on the RSS Subscription of your choice from the list on the web site, copy the URL that is in the address bar, and paste it into your RSS reader.

6 - Study in-depth content for personal development and strategic planning
Archived articles stored at allow you to study dozens of EHS topics and interviews with EHS experts.

ISHN’s annual State of the EHS Nation White Paper report, conducted for more than two decades, allows you to analyze and benchmark your EHS activities compared to the budget, staffing, and program challenges and priorities of your peers in the EHS world.

7 - Conduct business online
On you can immediately order books and standards from the American Society of Safety Engineers bookstore. Everything from “Measuring Safety Performance” to “Conveyor Safety.” Become e-commerce savvy, and find purchasing sources on customer-driven sites such as

8 - Buy the right technology
A good solution is to skip one or two generations of tech products, but commit fully when you do jump in. Having everyone using the same version of the same product enhances company-wide efficiency.