Industrial Scientific Corp. recently announced that its corporate mission statement has been enlarged with a broader scope and vision. In the first significant re-write since 1985, the new mission reads as follows:

Preserving human life on, above and below the earth
Delivering highest quality, best customer service …
every transaction, every time

Chairman and CEO, Kent McElhattan, said, “Our people have always been fully authorized and empowered to do everything possible to achieve our mission. It’s our only reason for being. Now we are increasing the stakes to include everything possible to eliminate death on the job. It’s a noble challenge and our people are ready to tackle it. To achieve the kind of success we’re looking for will require innovation and determination. Our people have repeatedly demonstrated they have the talent and commitment to succeed on big challenges. Over the coming years I’m certain you will see a significant, measurable reduction in injury and death on the job.”

To achieve this goal, Industrial Scientific manufactures rugged, dependable gas detectors to monitor dangerous levels of oxygen, toxic and/or combustible gas.