Vendor NewsIndustrial Scientific Corporation has determined that the GasBadge® Plus single-gas instrument may not properly indicate a low battery condition resulting in a failure to alarm or instrument shut down. As a result, for safety reasons, Industrial Scientific is issuing a recall of all current GasBadge Plus instruments (v2.2 and earlier; manufactured prior to February 2012).
The following part numbers are covered by this recall:

GasBadge® Plus – Carbon Monoxide 18100050-1, 18100050-1xx, IPLU501
GasBadge® Plus – Hydrogen Sulfide 18100050-2, 18100050-2xx, IPLU502
GasBadge® Plus – Oxygen 18100050-3, 18100050-3xx, IPLU503
GasBadge® Plus – Nitrogen Dioxide 18100050-4, 18100050-4xx, IPLU504
GasBadge® Plus – Sulfur Dioxide 18100050-5, 18100050-5xx, IPLU505
xx = optional alphanumeric designation

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