In 1967, Congress authorized the Department of Transportation (DOT) to enact the first federal regulations governing the transportation of hazardous materials. By the 1970s, any business that shipped hazardous materials was required to package them in a specified way, and to identify the contents, both on the package and on the truck or railcar carrying it.

Enter Labelmaster, established that same year, 1967, as a marketer, manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of hazmat compliance products with a goal of helping its customers understand and comply with industry standards and requirements. Forty years later, the company continues to develop products that help industries comply with regulations governing the safe handling and transport of hazardous goods.

“We position ourselves as ‘your total compliance resource’,” says Dwight Curtis, president. “Our company has 40 years of experience in providing regulatory information and products for all transportation modes including air, rail, ground and sea. Labelmaster is uniquely qualified as a total compliance resource with regulatory expertise.”

Plenty of products
Labelmaster offers more than 25,000 hazardous materials compliance products, including labels, forms, placards, placarding systems, transportation, packaging, spill control, shipping supplies, facility management, material handling, workplace safety, signs, books, regulatory publications and software.

“Given our regulatory and compliance expertise, we are continuing to address more of our customers’ needs for material handling,” remarks Jeanne Zmich, vice president of Research and Product Development. “We have expanded our shipping and facilities management product line by 5,000 new products. Additionally, we are committed to providing workplace safety products and solutions. This product line has grown to include 15,000 products to address OSHA safety compliance issues.”

In addition to offering a wide range of quality products, Labelmaster takes pride in providing excellent customer service. “When you call Labelmaster, you will speak to a well-informed customer representative,” says Curtis. “Our regulatory experts are DGSA-certified, DOT, IMO and ICAO specialists with in-depth knowledge of OSHA and EPA regulations.”

Distributor program
Labelmaster’s Distributor Program is designed to give distributors the tools and support they need to grow their business. Companies interested in becoming a distributor can call (888) 522-3562 or Labelmaster targets accounts with at least $5,000 in annual purchasing potential to qualify for its distributor program and pricing.

Distributors receive distributor catalogs, a dedicated sales consultant, sales reports and customized price lists. Benefits of becoming a Labelmaster distributor, according to Curtis, include: no inventory or minimum purchase requirements, quick order turn-around, huge selection, attractive profit margins, high-quality products, optional blind drop shipping, promotional support, training and access to regulatory experts on site.

Continued expansion
Customers appreciate the convenience of ordering from Labelmaster as their “one-stop shop” — thanks in large part, says Curtis, to expanded product lines such as facility management and material handling. The company will continue to introduce and launch new products to address customers’ comprehensive shipping needs.

“Researching and developing innovative and differentiated product solutions that are competitively priced and distributed is invigorating and challenging,” says Zmich. “Innovation is key.”

“We’ve built our company’s reputation on the fact that our customers can trust us for the latest and most complete information on regulatory issues,” adds Curtis. “Our company continues to change and grow as the needs of our market and customers evolve.”

Labelmaster,, (800) 621-5808