AFL-CIO President John Sweeney issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s budget:

“President Obama said from day one that he’s going to tackle the tough issues quickly and decisively, yet people in Washington seem shocked that the president is doing exactly what he promised to do. His budget signals just how serious he is about addressing the profound imbalances in our country and repairing the economic damage.

“President Obama’s proposed budget takes us in the right direction towards creating an economy that works for everyone. The budget sets out ambitious — but achievable — proposals for bold new reforms in energy, healthcare, education, and infrastructure, while also laying out a concrete plan to fund these programs over the next decade. Specifically, the budget provides for something we have needed for many years: guaranteed, affordable, quality health care for all. This budget gives Congress and the American people much more than just a wish list. It is a real health care reform approach with real money to start things rolling. In addition, the budget increases funding to the Labor Department by 4.7 percent — much needed funds that will go to shoring up our unemployment insurance program, better enforcement of workplace health and safety and wage and hour laws, and new training initiatives, among other things.

“Working families wholeheartedly applaud President Obama for leading the way towards a better and secure future for everyone.”