The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) has unveiled a new electronic enhancement to its online treatment guidelines for occupational injuries and illness that allows improved ease of use of treatment-related recommendations, according to an ACOEM press release.

The APG-I “Plus” application, built in partnership with Indico Solutions, Ltd., provides users with access to ACOEM’s most current musculoskeletal recommendations, as well as state-specific recommendations. Scheduled updates include a new Hip and Groin Disorders chapter as well as revisions to ACOEM’s Second Edition published in 2004.

Importantly, APG-I Plus allows users to access information in state-specific treatment guidelines, without having to leave the ACOEM Practice Guidelines (APG-I) system. “The addition of Indico’s state-of-the-art Plus technology means users will have a much more efficient and information-rich experience while using theGuidelines,” said ACOEM Practice Guidelines Director Chris Wolfkiel, PhD. “Being able to access critical information that varies from state to state as well as the most current, truly evidence-based recommendations in a real-time environment makes a huge difference for users, who say this capability helps them make better and more efficient treatment decisions.” The initial state option for APG-I Plus will be California, with New York and Colorado to follow.

ACOEM has also built new levels of search functionality and customized note and bookmark features into the product, allowing users to more rapidly assess clinical arguments related to treatment options online. “With each update to our online capabilities, we are creating a system that provides maximum access to information — not just our guideline content, but to many other sources of information that help inform the judgment of clinical decision makers,” Wolfkiel said. “These are just the latest in a series of upgrades to our product line that are helping us fulfill our mission of becoming the number-one choice for occupational medicine guidelines users.”

“The more we can help facilitate wide access to information, the more valuable our system becomes to the health care community,” he said. “While developed for occupational medicine, the Guidelines apply to any musculoskeletal injury and the technology can be used with any evidence-based guideline.”

The APG-I Plus system also enables users to have immediate access to the first release of the Third Edition of ACOEM’sOccupational Medicine Practice Guidelines, scheduled for print publication later this year.

To learn more about ACOEM’s new APG-I Plus features, or to order theOccupational Medicine Practice Guidelines, please visit or call 847-818-1800