RAE Systems Inc. has introduced several enhancements to the field-proven MeshGuard intelligent, connected, gas detection system, according to according to a recent company press release. MeshGuard has successfully provided a fast and flexible intelligent safety network for hazardous gas detection in stationary applications.

The MeshGuard family of intelligent, wireless, connected, toxic and flammable gas sensors is easy to transport, easy to deploy, and easy to operate in environments where rapid deployment means faster time to revenue, the company says. The MeshGuard gas detection and monitoring systems are designed for harsh and potentially hazardous industrial locations, where traditional fixed gas detection heads might have been used in the past, but have time-sensitive operational requirements. It is an ideal solution for oil refineries, chemical plants, oil and gas drilling and exploration operations, storage facilities, shipyards, liquid storage terminals and hot process steel mills.

“The field-proven, easy-to-operate MeshGuard provides faster deployment and relocation time and provides reliable wireless signal and sensor performance,” said Bill Jackson, RAE Systems’ vice president of global marketing. “The MeshGuard gas detection system furthers RAE Systems’ history of innovative, connected safety solutions and continues our legacy of providing time-critical and life-critical information to industrial safety managers and plant operators in a system that is lower cost to deploy and maintain.”

For more information on this product, go tohttp://www.raesystems.com/products/meshguard.