These 20 reports describe the most recent incidents posted on OSHA’s web site. 1 - Sheridan Excavating, Inc., Sheridan, AR 72150 Worker was unloading pipes and was struck by two pipes that fell from the load. (10/23/2009)

2 - Pizza by Vito's, Indiana 46806 Worker, a pizza delivery man, was shot fatally during a robbery. (11/29/2009)

3 - Peterson Grain, Decatur, IN 46733 Worker fell 80 feet in grain silo. (12/29/2009)

4 - Hyatt Penns Landing, Philadelphia, PA 19106 Worker was in the basement's mechanical rooms and suffered a heart attack. (1/5/2010)

5 - Flour Maintenance Service, Inc., Quinton, AL 35130 Worker was using a toga crane hoist. Worker inhaled a chemical (ammonia) that was leaking by the cooling tower.

6 - Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village, WY 83025 Worker was working on avalanche control and was buried in 6 feet of snow while setting charges to release the build up of snow to avoid an unplanned avalanche. (1/6/2010)

7 - Beta Steel, Portage, IN 46388 Worker climbed the roof of the furnace to shut off all water when an explosion happened. The worker fell 12 feet to the floor from the furnace roof. Four (4) other workers were injured. (1/7/2010)

8 - CA Justice, Eureka, CA 95501 Worker was performing clerical duties at the front office when she started feeling sick and vomited at her desk. She went to the restroom, she was incoherent and became unconscious. (Inspection Planned) (1/7/2010)

9 - Criminal Task Investigation Inc., Caguas, PR 00726 The gate of the entrance came loose and fell over the worker, a security guard who was opening it. (1/11/2010)

10 - Davey Tree Experts Company, Tallassee, AL 36078 Worker was chipping brush and was struck by an automobile. (1/11/2010)

11 - General Electric Transportation System, Erie, PA 16531 Worker was crushed by a locomotive alternator frame that fell off an oven table. (1/112010)

12 - HIP Inc., Milwaukee, WI 53202 Worker was working on a roof/deck and fell into an elevator shaft, 30-feet. (1/11/2010)

13 - Scaffolding Rental and Erection Services, LLC, McPherson, KS 67460 Worker was erecting a scaffold and fell 30-feet to the ground. (1/11/2010)

14 - Sheridan Production, LLC, Big Spring, TX 79720 Workers were replacing a vent line on top of a tank battery. They were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas. One worker fatality and three workers were hospitalized. (1/11/2010)

15 - AT&T, Rome, GA 30161 Worker was pulling telephone cable and tightening it up with a winch. He became entangled in the cable. (1/13/2010)

16 - Guaranteed Finishing Unlimited, Inc., Cleveland, OH 44111 Worker was taking a dip tank sample by hand with a 8-ounce plastic bottle. The automatic hoisting mechanism struck, caught and crushed him between the frame of the hoist mechanism and the dip tank transfer bar. (1/13/2010)

17 - Island Operating Co., Cameron, LA 70631 Workers were on the production platform sleeping when a fire/explosion occurred. They evacuated the platform and were in the water for 1.5-2 hours before being rescued. One worker fatality and two workers were hospitalized. (1/13/2010)

18 - Metal-Bilt, Ocala, FL 34474 Worker was erecting a steel structure and was struck by a steel I beam. (1/15/2010)

19 - Sturgeion Electric Company, Inc., Broomfield, CO 80020 Worker fell off bucket 30-feet striking utility lines during his descent. (1/15/2010)

20 - Crete Carrier Inc., Houston, TX 77029 Worker was crushed between his trailer and another trailer that was backing up. (1/16/2010)