The British Petroleum (BP) oil spill off the Atlantic Coast has not dissuaded a majority of likely voters from supporting the Obama Administration's plans to allow for expansion of off-shore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, however the same size majority also agrees with the Obama decision to suspend those plans pending an investigation of conditions that led to the current spill, according to the latest Zoby poll.

Agreement with the Obama decision to expand off-shore drilling stands at 63%, with 35% agreeing strongly and 27% somewhat agreeing. Agreement to suspend those plans pending an inquiry on the spill is 62% overall, with 44% agreeing strongly and 18% somewhat agreeing.

Democratic and Republican voters take very different positions on these questions. A majority of Democrats (54%) disagree with the Obama plan to expand off-shore drilling, and an even larger share of Republicans (64%) do not agree with Obama's decision to suspend that expansion pending an investigation of the BP spill.