Gasco Affiliates, LLC, a leading global producer of precision calibration gas, is once again enhancing calibration gas delivery with the launch of the 44, a standard 34-liter cylinder containing 44 liters of precision calibration gas. According to the company, the new 44 features 29 percent more gas than the traditional 34-liter unit, reducing the cost per liter while also extending the life cycle of a standard 34-liter cylinder.

Gasco uses exclusively designed, reinforced, 34-liter aluminum alloy cylinders and applies its proprietary manufacturing process to safely and effectively increase the gas pressure. This process enables the standard 34-liter cylinder to hold 10 additional liters of calibration gas. The 44 holds both pure gases and gas mixtures and is approved for safe transport by the Department of Transportation.

“Gasco is committed to leading the industry with exclusive technologies and innovations – affordable, user friendly products – that surpass marketplace expectations,” said Gasco President Tom Hanway. “Three years ago we introduced our ecosmart 116-liter refillable cylinder, followed shortly thereafter with Bump-It, our handheld unit for bump testing or checking single gas monitors. The 44 is a significant innovation that delivers an additional 10 liters at a better price per liter with all the quality control assurances of Gasco.”

Product Specifications
Part number: 44L
Pressure: 825 PSI
Gas Type: Reactive/Non-reactive
Dimensions: 9.8” x 2.9”
Water Capacity: 0.79 Liters
Material: Aluminum alloy
Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Valve Inlet: 5/8-18 UNF (C10)
Regulator: Demand Flow, 70 Series, 70-SS Series
Contents: 1.5 cu. Ft.

The 44 will be available through Gasco’s global distributor network beginning January 2011. Call 800-910-0051 or visit our website to find a Gasco distributor.

About Gasco
Founded in 1996, Gasco Affiliates, LLC is a leading producer of precision calibration gas, equipment and accessories. The company employs proprietary procedures to create the highest quality grades of pure gases, gas mixtures ­– single gas, complex four-gas and highly reactive gas mixtures ­– cylinders and accessories for a wide range of applications. Gasco products meet or exceed all safety equipment industry specifications and are available exclusively through safety distributors worldwide. For more information,