Congress is considering legislation (unlikely to be enacted this year) to increase OSHA fines and make it easier to file criminal penalties against company execs following fatalities or serious injuries. In ISHN’s 27th annual White Paper reader survey, we asked pros for their opinion ofn this bill.

Slightly more than half (52%) are opposed, saying it is not needed, and 48% support the measure.

In contract, a joint ISHN/American Industrial Hygiene Association survey asked the same question to industrial hygienists: two-thirds (66%) favor strengthening OSHA, and 34% oppose the effort.

Hmmm…might the different be that many more IH’s are employed as consultants, who would stand to benefit from stronger OSHA enforcement? Or that in recent year IH’s have seen their numbers slide, and feel a stronger OSHA might boost job security and perhaps even job demand? Or perhaps safety pros, who in many cases have broader job responsibilities within organizations, just don’t want any more OSHA work on their plate?

In a related issue, 66% of safety pros surveyed by ISHN said they are not personally concerned about criminal prosecution following a serious injury or fatality at their workplace. Thirty-two percent do have concerns.