The American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA) has announced its 2011 Award recipients and the distinguished Fellows.

The recipient of the Edward J. Baier Technical Achievement Award, given to the individual or group of individuals, company, academic institution, organization or association that has made the most significant contribution to industrial hygiene, is Lauralynn T. McKernan, ScD, CIH.

Richard D. Fulwiler, ScD, CIH, CSHM, receives the Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes distinguished service in the advancement of industrial hygiene and unique technical contributions to the aims and goals of the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

The recipient of the Donald E. Cummings Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to the knowledge and practice of industrial hygiene – Roy M. Buchan, DrPH, CIH, will present the Cummings Memorial Lecture at the AIHCE.

The Kusnetz Award winner is Sampa D. Ostrem, CIH. The Kusnetz honors a private sector certified hygienist who is under 40, and shows leadership potential.

Christine L. Laszcz-Davis, MS, CIH, REA is the recipient of the Alice Hamilton Award, which recognizes an outstanding woman who has made a lasting achievement in the field of occupational and environmental hygiene through public and community service, social reform, technological innovation or scientific advancements.

The Social Responsibility Award goes to the Maquiladora Health & Safety Support Network.

The Yant Award -- for outstanding contributions in industrial hygiene to an individual residing outside the United States – goes to Trevor L. Ogden, BSc, PhD.

The Fellow designation recognizes 15-year members who have made contributions to industrial hygiene or related disciplines, either through research, leadership, publications, education, or service to AIHA. The following individuals have been named 2011 AIHA Fellows.
  • Harry J. Beaulieu, PhD, CIH, CSP
  • Cindy A. Becnel
  • Kenneth D. Blehm, PhD, CIH
  • Gary M. Bratt, PhD, CIH, PE, BCEE
  • William J. Brinkman, PhD, CIH, CSP
  • Robert C. Brzozowski, PhD
  • George R. Gruetzmacher, PhD, CIH, CSP, PE
  • Thomas G. Grumbles, CIH
  • Lee D. Hager
  • Ezekiel Haslam, Jr., CIH, CSP
  • Richard B. Hirsh, CIH, MPH
  • Judson L. Kenoyer, CIH, CHP
  • Kenneth W. Kretchman, CIH, CSP
  • William E. Luttrell, PhD, CIH
  • Nancy P. Orr, CIH, CSP
  • Cynthia A. Ostrowski, CIH
  • Francis J. Pokrywka, CIH
  • Christopher P. Rennix, ScD, MS, CIH
  • Lorraine M. Sedlak, CIH, CSP
  • Edward A. Stuber, CIH
  • Kenneth M. Wallingford, CIH