Accuform Signs, North America's leading industrial safety sign manufacturer, has unveiled a new logo.

According to a company statement: “Based on Accuform's expanding reach into the Facility Safety Identification market we felt the time was right to give our logo a much needed facelift. Some aspects of the logo were timeless and proven, like the colors and the font. Copperplate Gothic Bold remains a good choice for our brand, and continues to be a popular font used all over the world.

“One of the core drivers behind the logo design was the desire to retain recognition. We have worked hard over the past several years to develop the Accuform brand, including the colors, look, and presence within the industry. Our goal was not to redesign the logo, but rather, bring it up-to-date. Refresh it. Refine it. This mark was a natural step in the evolution of the Accuform Signs logo.”

The Brooksville, FL-based company was named Safety Marketing Group Supplier of the Year in 2001, and has won numerous awards for new product development. Accuform has also received recognition from both Congress and the Governor of Florida for business growth both domestically and internationally.