Predictive Solutions, formerly DBO2, announced today that the company surpassed 100 million safety observations collected. Observations are collected by customers using SafetyNet, the company’s leading Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This technology helps customers collect and analyze safety data enabling them to predict and prevent injuries.

As customers conduct more safety inspections and observations, their injury rates go down due to increased visibility into at-risk behaviors. Better visibility into at-risk behaviors leads to continuous strengthening of an organization’s safety culture, which leads to safer jobsites.

“With a vision of eliminating death on the job in this century, this is an extremely significant milestone,” said Griffin Schultz, General Manager of Predictive Solutions, an Industrial Scientific company. “More observations, which result in fewer injuries and safety incidents, moves us one step closer to realizing this vision. We thank our customers for their efforts in helping us build one of the largest safety databases in the world. We look forward to leveraging it to create better predictive analytics that will drive more insight into how to eliminate injuries and death on the job.”

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About Predictive Solutions Corporation

Predictive Solutions Corporation, formerly DBO2, saves lives by predicting workplace injuries. Its software solutions help track, trend and analyze safety related data. They also employ proprietary models that predict the likelihood, frequency and location of workplace injuries using its customers’ safety observation data. In addition, Predictive Solutions delivers consulting services that drive culture and process change within organizations to create sustainable safety processes that reduce injuries. With more than 100 million observations and nearly 40,000 reported incidents from more than 15,000 worksites around the world, Predictive Solutions has emerged as an industry leader in predicting injuries before they occur. Predictive Solutions, based in Pittsburgh, Pa., was founded in 2001 and became an Industrial Scientific company in 2008. Its employees, along with those of its parent company, are dedicating their careers to ending death on the job in this century. For more information,

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Industrial Scientific Corporation is the world’s leading provider of Gas Detection as a Service. With more than 850 people working in 18 countries, Industrial Scientific is dedicated to eliminating death in the workplace by the end of this century. Achieving this goal requires dedication to delivering highest quality and best customer service in all transactions. Industrial Scientific also focuses on providing analysis of data from equipment use and maintenance to identify problems before they happen. Industrial Scientific has operations based in Pittsburgh (USA), Arras (France), Dortmund (Germany) and Shanghai (China). The company provides technical services to customers from local service centers around the world, and has additional offices in Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Industrial Scientific is the parent company to Oldham and Predictive Solutions Corporation. For more information, visit www.indsci.comwww.