With more than twenty-five different models, Allegro Industries manufacturers the most complete line of blowers available: AC and DC axial, COM-PAX-IAL, Air Bags Blowers, explosion-proof, centrifugal, Venturi, Heaters and three-speed carpet blowers. Many of the blowers include heavy-duty fan blades, are safety-orange or yellow, and are constructed from welded, rivet-free rugged steel or corrosion, UV and chemical resistant polyethylene (plastic). Purchase blowers, storage equipment, and accessories separately, or many products can be purchased as a total system.

The NEW 8” Industrial Plastic Blower and 12” Industrial Plastic Blower are lightweight, portable and ideally suited for confined spaces. Super quiet with molded carry handle, stackable and deliver positive and negative airflow. Also available as 12” DC model and 12” Explosion Proof model.

Also NEW to the line is the 8” AC Axial Inline Booster Blower. For use when there is a need to run long lengths of ventilation duct and maintain a high CFM. Ducting is attached to both the intake and exhaust ends of the blower. Multiple blowers can be placed in a series. Tough steel construction. Also available as Explosion Proof model.

The NEW Propane Heater Blower requires only 45,000 BTU’s of input to raise heat 125º. CEEST certified. The Heater model is a high output propane heater to be used with the 9513 Axial Blower only. It features solid state ignition, flame indication light and flow control.

The all-in-one Air Bag unit offers convenience and flexibility for on-site demands. Featuring an 8” or a 12” metal blower system complete with 15’ duct built into a heavy duty polyester carry bag. This Air Bag Blower System is designed with zippered ends that allow blower use without removing the blower from the carry bag. Quick set-up means workers can ventilate airflow without hassle. The Air Bag 8 will deliver up to 700 CFM. This AC model features a 1/4 horsepower motor, 115V, 1.4 Amps and weighs only 25 pounds. The Air Bag 8 size is: 27” long x 15” wide x 12” tall. The 12” blower delivers 1800 CFM, has a ½ horsepower motor and weighs 47 pounds. The Air Bag 12 size is: 28” long x 16” wide x 14” tall.

The 8" Plastic COM-PAX-IAL Blower is one of the most versatile blowers on the market. Its lightweight, corrosion-, UV-, and chemical-resistant polyethylene housing and canister assembly are durable, quiet, and is designed with the quick-connect clipping system for easy assemble. Also available are the 8” AC and DC Metal COM-PAX-IAL Blowers. The AC model features a venturi inlet to increase CFM. The DC model can be run off a truck battery. Purchase blowers as single units or complete with canister and 15' or 25' of ducting. Explosion-Proof models are available in both the 8” Plastic and 8” Metal COM-PAX-IAL Blower.

The 8” AC Axial Blower made of tough steel construction, uses a 1/3 hp electric motor and weighs only 19 pounds. The free airflow rate for the AC model is 1275 cfm. The 8” DC Axial Blower uses a 1/3 hp blower and weighs only 18 pounds. The free airflow rate for the DC model is 1150 cfm. These 8" AC and DC blowers are also available with a built-in canister to house either 15' or 25' of ducting, depending on your needs. The 8” AC Axial Explosion Proof Blower, which features a single-phase motor with a NEMA-rated 115V plug for use with an explosion-proof socket is also available with storage canister and either 15' or 25' of statically conductive ducting. Meets multiple Hazardous Location Requirements.

Allegro also offers the 12", 16" and 20” Standard and High Output Axial blowers . The standard blowers may be used for delivering fresh air or extracting contaminated air. With its 2 hp motor, the 20" blower offers the highest output available with an axial motor configuration. Blowers are designed with rugged metal casing and precision-balanced fan blades that straighten the airflow. The 12" High Output Axial Blower offers 1/2 hp with 6-blade impeller. The 16" High Output provides more power to the air with an efficient 3-blade impeller, and the 20" High Output offers the maximum amount of output with a 4-blade impeller. All three sizes of blowers are available in explosion-proof configurations, with each featuring a single-phase motor and NEMA-rated 115V plug. The 12” is also offered as DC model.

Centrifugal blowers from Allegro are available in a variety of configurations: Standard, High Output, Heavy Duty, Explosion-Proof, Gas, Two Speed, and Air-Driven. Gasoline powered models are especially useful in remote job sites where electricity is unavailable. The Gas Blower features the durability of a Honda engine, (4 hp) or Subaru engine (5.7 hp), and offers a free air flow rate of 2000-3000 cfm.

Venturi blowers come in four different models in either metal or Anti-Static Plastic Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and are the perfect solution for quickly moving fumes that may be dangerous. With a blast of directed air, these blowers can also cool workers and equipment that may be overheating. These units utilize compressed or saturated steam as the power source. Eight-inch or sixteen-inch ducting, adapters, connectors, storage bags, and racks are available per your specifications.

Three Speed Carpet Dryer Blowers, available in two models, are lightweight and feature plastic housing molded and designed to be easily transported with handle and also stackable allowing for convenient storage. CFM on high speed is up to 1888.


About Allegro Industries

Allegro celebrates twenty-four years in the safety business. Founded in 1987, Allegro Industries, Garden Grove, California, offers a full line of safety equipment and ergonomic products for the workplace. For more information, please call (800) 622-3530, or visit www.allegrosafety.com. Allegro Industries, 7221 Orangewood Ave., Garden Grove, CA, 92841.