TraffiGlove was launched in 2009 as the solution to the market needs for a straightforward safety concept for hand protection. Our focus was to raise awareness across all different types of industry, providing quality and comfort. Since the original launch, TraffiGlove has been tremendously received in the market as a fresh-thinking concept to deliver safety awareness at all levels of the business from safety directors through to the wearers of both principal and contractor type businesses. The products have been designed with a focus on quality and additional comfort features for each product to provide wearers not only with a fresh approach to safety awareness but also with products that they want to wear every day.

Company growth strategy

TraffiGlove has a very robust growth plan for the next five years with a buoyant mission statement to enable all wearers at every level to have access to the TraffiGlove range, in an effort to promote safety awareness and reduce accidents within industry worldwide.

Products we promote

TraffiGlove, as the name implies, supplies a dedicated range of quality gloves suitable for use across all different types of markets from heavy engineering to light dexterous assembly line work. A range of coatings provides products that can be used in many different situations, from oily to dry environments.

How do we distribute the product?

The TraffiGlove products are available to the worldwide market through selected distributors that are holding stock and seeing the value of promoting the TraffiGlove family of products.


TraffiGlove has invested heavily in training facilities and training programs for end user and distributor benefit. One of our key value-added benefits is the in-depth training and backup support we provide to the end user level. This is coordinated through video training and live toolbox talks to deliver a consistent message that provides the end user continuity across different working environments throughout their business. The benefit of color-coded gloves means that once the tasks have been assigned by the safety team within a business, the entire workforce can then adopt the same culture level within all their environments and can then be seen through contractor level also.

Facilities and personnel

TraffiGlove is delighted to be building a strong brand reputation through establishing key staff players and distributors who appreciate and understand the value of the TraffiGlove brand and the investment in the marketing support that is going to see the products become a worldwide brand through end user demand. Our facilities, both at production and factory level, through shipping lines, main stock holding and then sub stock holding in different continents means we are built to supply and continue to evolve our mission.

Financial trends

TraffiGlove is delighted to report a very definite increase in our sales demand. Year after year we are growing rapidly, supported by continual investment by stakeholders in the business. We see our growth plan continuing to achieve our targets through continuous improvements programs and developments of new products that the market needs.

General information

TraffiGlove’s future is clearly set out in the TraffiGlove mission statement of becoming a brand by choice for end users to reflect the knowledge they have gained and improvement in safety awareness through the TraffiGlove system.