Vendor NewsRAE Systems, Inc. today introduced a ground-breaking BioHarness that provides safety managers with unprecedented, real-time visibility into the physical status of personnel operating in high stress and extreme environments.  By monitoring vital signs and interpreting data during situations of high stress, fatigue and danger, the BioHarness helps prevent health emergencies.

The non-intrusive, lightweight chest worn strap incorporates ECG (electrocardiogram), breathing rate, temperature, posture and activity sensors for real-time portable physiological monitoring. This allows safety officers to quickly access and monitor a person’s bio-readings, and remove them from a fatigue situation if their readings are high.

“RAE Systems is leading the way in terms of wireless gas detection sensors and software, and the BioHarness product is yet another innovative deployment of our technology to improve worker safety, stated Thomas Negre, Vice President of Products and Marketing for RAE Systems. “Not only does the BioHarness allow incident and site commanders to monitor the physiological readings of multiple workers and responders instantaneously from anywhere around the world, but it also allows them to assess and monitor hazardous chemical compounds and make appropriate decisions for rest, extraction and team insertion in real time.”

The BioHarness consists of the lightweight strap, a BioModule, the RAELink3 portable monitor and ProRAE Guardian software.

The BioModule links to a RAELink3 portable modem which enables the long-range wireless radio to transmit sensor readings and GPS coordinates in real time to a PC running the RAE Systems ProRAE Guardian safety monitoring software. The BioHarness readings can be evaluated in the ProRAE Guardian software and coupled with a variety of other safety sensor readings, including detected VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), gases, chemical warfare agent (CWA) and radiation, for early detection and characterization of hazardous atmospheres.

The BioHarness features a quick and easy set-up and is designed for use across a broad array of industries including: HazMat & emergency response, confined space entry, environmental remediation, industrial clean-up, fire overhaul and clinical studies.

Availability and Pricing

The RAE Systems BioHarness is available now for sale. The BioHarness is sold direct from RAE Systems in the United States and through both the company and channel partners outside the U.S. Customers interested in information or purchasing the BioHarness product should contact RAE System’s local distributor or their regional sales manager.

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