around the worldMinneapolis, MN: A light rail construction worker was injured Tuesday after the forklife he was operating tipped over on a sandy burm and trapped his right leg. Although the inside cab of the fork lift is lined with a heavy cage, some reports said the door may have been open when the overturn occurred, resulting in the man partially falling out. He was pinned under the machine for approximately ten minutes.  Read more>>

Benwood, W.Va: A mine worker died from injuries to his leg sustained in the shop area of the CONSOL Energy-owned mine. A spokeswoman says CONSOL is working closely with state and federal mine safety officials to determine the incident's cause, and that the mine will be closed until further information is gathered.  Read more>>

Quincy, MA: A longtime city employee died after a truck struck the truck bucket in which he stood in while fixing a traffic light. 58-year-old Robert DeCristofaro fell 20 feet to the pavement. Members of his work crew administered first aid and a nurse who came upon the scene stopped and treated his injuries.  Read more>>

Bakersfield, Ca: A worker who was left brain dead after inhaling hydrogen sulfide at a recycling plant last week has died two days after his younger brother died from the same accident. 22-year-old Heladio Ramirez died after being taken off life support. He was injured trying to save his 16-year-old brother Armando, who was overcome by the gas while the two were working side-by-side, cleaning out a tunnel at a recycling plant. Read more>>

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: A 28-year-old ironworker was killed Tuesday when an I-beam being placed in a warehouse under construction fell on a lift, causing the worker to fall. OHS investigators have issued a stop work order for the site.  Read more>>

Luton, England: A pub employee suffered a broken jaw and a cut to his face Tuesday night after confronting a group of men who were causing a nuisance outside. He asked them to leave the area but as he turned to go back into the pub he was hit with an ‘unknown object’ and fell into railings outside the building.  Read more>>