car troubleAAA expects to the aid of more than 800,000 stranded motorists during the year-end holiday period, as 83.6 million holiday travelers choose to take to the roadways for their holiday travel plans. Before the season ends on January 2, 2012, the nation’s largest motor club will be especially busy with battery replacements and jump starts, changing tires, extricating vehicles from snow, towing vehicles for repair and more.  

AAA projects its roadside problem-solvers will be able to remedy the issues of more than three out of five stranded motorists at the roadside and send them on their way, but about a quarter of a million travelers will still need a tow this year-end holiday season.

After the need for a tow, the second largest roadside rescue service AAA anticipates performing is replacing or jump starting dead batteries. More than 194,000 requests for help with a dead battery are expected and among those rescues, AAA roadside service personnel will conveniently replace more than 52,000 failed batteries on the spot.    

AAA expects to retrieve more than 104,000 sets of keys locked inside vehicles, change more than 95,000 tires and perform more than 38,000 vehicle extrications during the year-end holiday period. Additionally, AAA will deliver fuel to more than 11,000 stranded motorists and perform a variety of miscellaneous roadside rescue services for approximately 91,000 motorists.  

Marshall L. Doney, vice president of AAA Automotive, said that keeping vehicles properly maintained is the key to arriving at destinations safely and without incident. Motorists are advised to follow their vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and make sure their vehicle is ready for the rigors of year-end holiday driving.

Motorist may opt to find a mechanic via AAA's network of  Approved Auto Repair facilities -- a free service that enables consumers to identify professional auto shops staffed by certified technicians who are equipped with the proper tools and equipment to service today’s high-tech automobiles. Consumers can find Approved Auto Repair facilities online at

AAA members who are Android and iPhone users can download AAA Roadside, a mobile smartphone application that enables motorists in need of roadside rescue request help without making a phone call. The user simply enters the details of their situation and clicks an onscreen button. AAA Roadside then transmits the information, and the user’s location as established by the phone’s GPS technology, directly to AAA Roadside Assistance. The app also displays nearby AAA Approved Auto Repair locations so members can easily choose where to have their vehicle towed, if necessary during this year-end holiday season.

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