sustainabilityCompanies will now find it easier than ever to find information about sustainability reporting and start their reporting journey, thanks to a new website launched recently by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The website is a hub for sustainability and reporting information, answering questions about why and how to report and providing guidance to companies and other organizations worldwide.

The new website also provides improved features for experienced reporters and Organizational Stakeholders – core supporters of GRI. The new resource library holds all of GRI’s publications in one easy-to-access place, with many publications available in several languages.

Marjolein Baghuis, Director – Communications and Network Relations at the Global Reporting Initiative, said: “This new website marks a big step forward in sustainability reporting. With more organizations than ever before reporting their sustainability performance, the new website will help both experienced and new reporters to navigate their way on their reporting journey.”

The website features a reporting starter kit, for organizations new to sustainability reporting. A center for sustainability reporting news, the site gives an overview of the role of sustainability reporting in addressing the world’s biggest challenges.

With enhanced links to social media, the new website enables people around the world to engage with GRI directly. This will be developed as the website goes through future planned updates. It is also more visually stimulating, thanks to new images submitted to GRI’s image competition earlier in the year. The winning entry, ‘Breathing new life from old’ by Nicholas Mitchell, now features on the site’s homepage.

“Many congratulations to Nicholas for an excellent and inspirational image, representing GRI’s mission to make reporting standard practice. The competition was tough, with more than 100 entries, some of which will be featured on this new site and in GRI’s publications. Thanks to all who took part!” added Baghuis.

The website is structured in three parts, catering to those with little knowledge of sustainability reporting, those who would like to start reporting, and experienced reporters. The three hubs are Information – helping people find out more about sustainability reporting and GRI; Reporting – providing resources for organizations that want to report; and Network – for those who want to engage with GRI and contribute to projects.

GRI said Microsoft, DNV Business Assurance, the Ministry of Media and 2AT contributed to the development of the website, supporting GRI in its mission to mainstream sustainability reporting:

Dan Bross, Senior Director Citizenship at Microsoft said: "We at Microsoft are just as committed to sustainable practices within our own business as we are to supporting the sustainability efforts of the broader business community. GRI's new website is an accessible repository of useful information and an invaluable hub of helpful resources for companies, reporters, investors and NGOs and consumers who are interested in learning about corporate sustainability practices."
“This new website will be a resource for all companies seeking to improve their sustainability practices through reporting. It will make a good platform for supporting the continual improvement of reporting practices. At DNV Business Assurance, we are committed to our own sustainability efforts, as well as supporting other companies on their way towards sustainable business performance. The new GRI website will be an asset in this aspect”, said Thomas Vogth-Eriksen, CEO of DNV Business Assurance.