worker wearing eye protectionAs the nation’s leading volunteer eye health and safety organization, Prevent Blindness America has established a goal of dramatically increasing the number of Americans who regularly receive eye exams.

Results from the nation’s largest national healthcare survey show that the two reasons most cited by consumers for not seeking eye care are:

1. There is no perceived reason to go.
2. Financial barriers related to cost and inadequate insurance exist.

The facts are clear.

• Vision disorders are the second most prevalent health condition in the U.S.
• Eleven million American live with uncorrected vision problems.
• Of a $51.4 billion total annual economic impact that adult vision problems bring to the U.S., an estimated $8 billion is attributed to lost worker productivity.
• Two-thirds of Americans state they would be more willing to get an eye exam if they had insurance coverage.
• 63% would sign up for vision care coverage if given the opportunity.
• Only 17% of employers offer vision plans.

Encourage your employees to take advantage of their vision benefit schedule regular, comprehensive exams and wear the proper eyewear to enhance and protect their vision.