Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics' Adds Cool Running LED Drop Light to its LED Work Light Lineup by Larson Electronics has added to its inventory a 32 inch long LED work light designed to provide a higher degree of safety and performance as compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent work lamps. Although similar in appearance to common fluorescent work lights, Magnalight's FTL-3-LED-50 work light contains an LED lamp which provides higher light output, cooler operation, better light quality, and higher durability than either incandescent of fluorescent utility lights.

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Larson Electronics' Releases 500 Watt - 120 Volt Scaffold Mount Work Light announced today the release of the WAL-JHE500-120V-25, 500 Watt - 120 Volt scaffold mount work light to its line of heavy duty 120 volt work lighting solutions. This light is designed to operate with common 120 VAC current, and built to provide rugged yet versatile mounting to ladders, scaffolds and other structures commonly used during construction activities. With an adjustable scaffold mounting bracket and an extendable lamp post, this unit is ideal for construction sites, tunnel work, mining operations, ship yards, and anywhere a rail mounted lighting solution is desired.

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Larson Electronics' Announces Addition of 480 VAC to 120/208 Power Transformer  

The Magnalight MGPD-SP-125-1D-45-3X50 power transformer gives operators the ability to tap into 480 VAC three phase power sources and convert it to the 120V/208Y VAC needed for powering equipment and lighting. This power transformer is equipped with a 45 KVA transformer for heavy duty use and is equipped with main and secondary breakers for safe operation. Designed with integral skid pockets and a centrally located lifting eyelet for easy deployment, this transformer is ideal for new construction operations and plant turnarounds where standard voltages are unavailable.

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Larson Electronics' Announces Release of Rechargeable Blasting Gun Mounted LED Light from Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful and durable LED blasting light designed to withstand the abusive conditions of media blasting operations while providing the convenience of rechargeable operation. Designed to be mounted to standard industrial grade media blasting guns, the BLG-LED-4REX explosion proof LED blasting gun light produces the intense illumination needed to cut through the dusty conditions produced by blasting operations. Equipped with a quick change lens protection system this LED blasting light is ideal for the abusive and fast paced conditions of the industrial work place.

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