3M announced today a one-stop program that makes it easier for companies to provide professionally fitted, customized safety eyewear. The 3M Total Eyewear Solutions program helps protect workers by equipping them with prescription and non-prescription protective eyewear.

Every day, approximately 2,000 U.S. workers sustain a work-related eye injury that requires medical treatment, with 1 in 10 injuries requiring one or more missed workdays to recover1. Appropriately fitted eyewear helps provide better protection from environmental hazards and helps reduce costly eye injuries. With 3M’s Total Eyewear Solutions program, employees will benefit from a professional optician consultation and personalized fitting services.

“Protecting employees from eye injuries can be challenging, because preventing injuries requires every employee to consistently wear the appropriate eye protection,” says Chris Dujovski, product manager, Head, Eye and Face Protection, 3M. “With our Total Eyewear Solutions program, we’re enabling companies to personalize eyewear for their employees. This helps keep workers protected and comfortable with properly fitted eyewear, while making it easier for companies to manage their safety program.”

The program offers a variety of on-site, off-site and online services. For large facilities, 3M offers on-site consultation and fitting services, in which a qualified optician professionally fits 3M prescription and non-prescription eyewear for employees. The 3M Total Eyewear Solutions program also offers off-site fitting services, enabling companies to tap into a network of 2,500 certified eye care professionals.

3M offers comfortable, adjustable protective eyewear in a wide range of styles, lens tints, coatings and shades with more than 400 non-prescription and 55 prescription protective eyewear options.

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3M offers a comprehensive, diverse portfolio of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions providing respiratory protection, hearing protection, fall protection, reflective materials for high visibility, protective clothing, protective eyewear, head and face protection, welding helmets, and other adjacent products and solutions such as tactical safety equipment, detection, monitoring equipment, active communications equipment and compliance management. In 2012, 3M celebrates 40 years of safety leadership – recognizing the company’s respiratory and hearing protection solutions introduced in 1972. Visit www.3M.com/PPESafety or m.3M.com/PPESafety

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