Thomson Plastics of Thomson, Ga. earned 11 violations during a February OSHA 2012 inspection – for some of the same hazards found in an inspection in February 2010. Penalties for the most recent action – which was a follow-up to the 2010 inspection – amount to $162,800.

Thomson Plastics produces industrial, recreational and consumer appliances, and lawn and garden products.

Three repeat safety and one repeat health violation similar to violations cited in 2010 involve failing to perform a periodic inspection of the lockout/tagout procedures for machines' energy sources to prevent them from starting up unexpectedly, train employees in lockout/tagout procedures, develop a training program for workers exposed to noise at or above 85 decibels and provide guardrails on all sides of platforms to prevent fall hazards.

Additionally, one serious health and four serious safety violations involve failing to protect workers on scissor lifts from fall hazards, provide fixed stairs or a ladder to access the hopper platform, properly store acetylene cylinders, provide annual training on fire extinguishers and hearing conservation, and establish baseline audiograms for workers exposed to noise.

Finally, one safety and one health violation involve deficiencies with electrical cords and the facility's permit-required confined space program.

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