Easi-Dec Ladder Safety AccessoriesKee Safety, Inc., Buffalo, NY announces the introduction of two new Easi-Dec Ladder Safety Accessories to help ensure that existing ladders are used in compliance with OSHA and CSA standards. The new Easi-Dec safety accessories retrofit to ladders quickly and simply, and are easy to transport. They include:

Ladder-Spurs prevent outward slip by increasing the size of the base and reducing the chance of a sideways slip from the top of the ladder. Secured quickly and easily with heavy-duty ratchet straps, the independent spurs wrap around the ladder side rails at the desired height to accommodate sloping ground. Heavy-duty rubber feet provide a high level of grip and anti-slip properties, Kee Safety states.

Ladder Stand-Off incorporates a large “V” to allow the ladder to span around down pipes or to rest on corners of buildings, the company states. It keeps the top of the ladder one foot off the wall to facilitate working under eaves and features a rubber covering to prevent any damage to the face of the building.

For free literature and additional information, contact: Kee Safety, Inc., 100 Stradtman Street, Buffalo, NY 14206. Phone: 716-896-4949. Fax: 716-896-5696. Toll-Free: 800-851-5181. Email: info@keesafety.com. www.KeeSafety.com. For specific product information and to download a PDF file, visit: keesafety.com/products/ladder-accessories.

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