Designed to provide easier installation of replacement windows and a fully-protected work platform for installers, the new OSHA- and CSA-compliant Easi-Dec Window-Dec from Kee® Safety, Inc., Buffalo, NY, features a self-locking pulley system to lift replacement windows into position on one-story as well as two-story buildings. The window is attached to the lifting frame with two straps (provided) and hoisted up to the platform level by pulling on the rope. Window-Dec has a lifting capacity of 165 lbs., and windows are brought up through a hinged opening in its base, which closes after the window passes through.

According to Kee Safety, the new Window-Dec can be assembled from the ground up by two workers in less than 10 minutes and then easily lifted into position. With a 750-lbs. load rating, the assembled system measures 8-ft., 2-in. long by 2-3/4-ft. deep and is supported by adjustable telescopic legs. Corrosion-resistant aluminum safety railings on the Window-Dec are fitted with Kee Lite® aluminum safety components and toe boards. The deck board section of the system is constructed of WBP non-slip plywood. The Window-Dec system complies with OSHA 1926.451 for construction scaffolds as well as ANSI A10.8, ANSI/ASSE A14.2, and in Canada, CSA Z 797.09 and REG 213/91.

The new Window-Dec from Easi-Dec/Kee Safety is lightweight and can be disassembled quickly after use and easily transported in a cargo van or on a truck rack, Kee Safety states. The time savings and convenience can enable workers to be more productive on the jobsite and complete projects sooner. Window-Dec has a platform height range from 7’-7” to 18’, and the legs are individually adjustable in 1.2” increments to accommodate uneven or sloping ground.

For free literature and additional information, contact: Kee Safety, Inc., 100 Stradtman Street, Buffalo, NY 14206. Phone: 716-896-4949. Fax: 716-896-5696. Toll-Free: 800-851-5181. Email: For specific product information and to download a PDF file, visit:

The Easi-Dec Window-Dec will be exhibited at the National Safety Congress (NSC) October 22-24, 2012 (Orlando, FL), Booth #512.