TruTouch Technologies, a pioneer in non-invasive workplace sobriety assurance systems, unveiled the latest technology to detect and deter alcohol abuse in the workplace. The device, called TruTouch 2500, will be unveiled this month at the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association’s (SAPAA) Annual Conference in San Diego, Calif. The TruTouch 2500 is a non-invasive sensor that quickly and accurately measures alcohol intoxication, and also has the option to simultaneously verify user identity using light through the skin.

In 2011, the U.S. Center for Disease Control published data that showed heavy drinkers cost the U.S. economy over $220 billion per year. Lost productivity accounts for 70 percent of this waste, while healthcare costs account for 11 percent. The TruTouch 2500 offers a time- and cost-effective solution for both alcohol intoxication detection and deterrence in work environments.

Dr. Richard D. Gill, President and CEO of TruTouch Technologies, said, “We are delighted to announce the newly developed TruTouch 2500. With our growing network of U.S. and international distributors, we are well poised to start changing employees’ behavior toward alcohol, and thus greatly reduce alcohol‐related accidents and lost productivity in industries such as petrochemical, mining, transportation, and oil and gas markets.”

The TruTouch 2500 is a tabletop instrument that can detect tissue alcohol concentration by measuring alcohol levels through the skin, using a safe near infrared light and an optical touch pad. The device also features biometric capability to verify user identity to ensure integrity of the testing process. The TruTouch 2500 is the first practicable solution for large-scale, inexpensive and frequent testing of employees at point of need. Unlike a breathalyzer, the TruTouch device can accurately scan nearly 200 employees per hour, on site, in a self-administered manner, eliminating the need for supervisory staff.

About TruTouch Technologies

TruTouch Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and sells patented noninvasive biometric alcohol testing systems into both existing and emerging alcohol testing markets. Inspired by the potential to place its passive, durable systems virtually anywhere, TruTouch's vision is to create a world where intoxication is routinely intercepted before it does harm. For more information, please visit