AirCore harnessNew Miller AirCore Harness provides ultimate comfort, mobility and convenience

Breathable, open-core padding technology provides optimal airflow while stretchable webbing offers greater flexibility and comfort

The new Miller AirCore™ Harness from Honeywell Safety Products, combines comfort features with functional components. The most unique and innovative fall protection available, this full-body harness is designed for a worker’s ultimate comfort and safety. Research has found that a comfortable harness is more likely to be worn properly, increasing compliance, safety and productivity.
Honeywell engineers focused on taking a deep-dive approach into the science of comfort, studying the forces on the body and the strategic placement of padding to minimize pressure patterns. By re-examining the impact of the physical laws of matter, motion, energy and forces, a new design concept and the use of innovative materials have been engineered into the AirCore harness design. Providing a worker with a harness that is comfortable to wear, convenient to adjust and designed for an ergonomic fit has now become the industry standard. 


  • Breathable, Open-Core  Padding Technology
  • Custom designed for the shoulders / lumbar / legs
  • Optimal airflow / circulation
  • Engineered to increase airflow through and around padding
  • Strategically-placed padding
  • Moisture wicking properties reduce heat and moisture entrapment keeping a worker drier and cooler