State of the EHS Nation

Exclusive results from ISHN’s 28th annual White Paper Reader Survey

increase Professional certifications are important/extremely important for 68% of pros

Management systems are employed by 66%. Customized plan-do-check-act systems lead the way, employed by 34%.

Job security: only 12% will have increasing job security concerns in 2013.

Corporate leadership: Twice the % of pros say leaders will be more involved and invested in EHS in 2013. (24% predict increases vs 12% predicting decreases)

Metrics are becoming more sophisticated. 51% will develop/improve leading indicator metrics in 2013.

64% of industrial hygienists will work more on leading indicators.

Zero-harm cultures:  48% will develop/sustain the vision and goal of these cultures.

Attacking serious injuries:  49% will increase efforts to reduce disabling injuries and fatalities.

Consultants: Twice the % of pros will increase use of EHS consultants in 2013 as will decrease use (21% vs. 10%).