computerOSHA is considering allowing whistleblowers to submit their complaints online.

That new method is part of a proposal by the agency to provide additional methods for employees to submit retaliation complaints to the agency, including electronic submission.

OSHA's whistleblower regulations specify the procedures that an employee must use to file a complaint alleging that their employer violated a whistleblower provision for which OSHA has investigative responsibility. Any employee who believes that such a violation occurred may file a complaint. As part of its ongoing effort to encourage employees to file whistleblower claims, OSHA is proposing to revise its regulations to include a new form, titled, ''Notice of Whistleblower Complaint'' (OSHA8-60.1), that will allow employees to submit electronic complaints of retaliation to OSHA directly over the Internet.

OSHA is soliciting public comments on the proposal; they are due by March 18, 2013.