RegSense 2.0 from J.J. KellerWhen J. J. Keller launched the online regulatory reference service RegSense® in 2010, customers were thrilled to be able to quickly access current OSHA, DOT, EPA, and Hazmat regulations online. While the service grew in popularity, the team at J. J. Keller continued to search for ways to improve its features and functionality. Based on subscriber feedback and the availability of new technology, J. J. Keller is proud to unveil RegSense 2.0.  
“RegSense 2.0 brings regulatory compliance to a whole new level,” said Bob Larsen, Senior Director of Business Services - Marketing for J. J. Keller. “It offers customers timely knowledge of the issues they face every day in a user-friendly and easily accessible web-based format.”

RegSense 2.0 boasts a dynamic home page with trending topics, the latest news, and regulatory change notices. Improvements to existing features include a more robust forms library and additional wizards, quick tools, and cross-reference materials. The service also includes access to a mobile version, so subscribers can search and access regulations from any smart phone or tablet.

The most popular RegSense features are still available, including direct access to J. J. Keller’s subject matter experts though the Personal Advisor, state-specific information, and jargon-free ez Explanations® of regulatory topics.

To learn more about RegSense 2.0 and to register for a free trial, visit

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