Larson portable light towerLarson Electronics has announced today the release of the WAL-TP-2XGLM-H-1227 Portable Telescoping Light Tower with dual remote controlled HID spotlights designed for high power and easy deployment and operation. Featuring an adjustable tripod and dual magnetic mount remote control spotlights, this portable light tower is ideal for events and worksites where high output and easy deployment is desired.

The WAL-TP-2XGLM-H-1227 remote controlled spotlight tripod is designed to provide a portable yet powerful lighting solution that can be remotely controlled and quickly transported and deployed. This portable light tower features a collapsible tripod which can be extended from 3 to 8 feet in height and two magnetically mounted remote control spotlights with a combined output of 6,000 lumens. The lamps on this tower are two 35 watt HID Golight units which feature 3,000 lumens of output each and remote control operation. This dual lamp configuration can be controlled from a single included remote control and adjusted through 370 degrees of rotation and 140 degrees of tilt for convenient and precise control of beam placement. These lights feature weather resistant housings constructed of a high quality ASA Luran thermoplastic that is heat resistant, impact resistant, UV resistant, and able to withstand rugged use and abusive conditions. Remote operation is provided by a single handheld remote control with on/off control and four buttons to control up, down, and side to side movement. This remote also includes a fast/slow control to allow operators to move the lights through their range of motion at faster or slower speeds as desired. This remote control lighting functionality has a range of up to 100 feet and is ideal for operators who need to ability to adjust beam positioning without having to manually adjust the fixtures. The lights on this tripod can project beams up to 5,000 feet in length, making them well suited to applications where a tight beam with extended reach is needed. Each lamp mounts to the tripod with a single high strength magnetic base that allows operators to simply pull the lights off the tower for transport or storage. The tripod is a heavy duty unit constructed from aluminum with stainless steel hardware for light weight and high strength. The light tower can adjust from 3 to 8 feet in height for better coverage and the entire unit can be collapsed and the legs folded for easy transport and deployment. Power for this unit is provided by an included inline transformer that allows operation with standard 120 to 277 VAC current. The transformer can also be disconnected and the lamps connected to a 12 volt DC power source for full portability and operation from vehicles, equipment or portable power sources. The small size and portability of this tower makes it well suited to applications where the unit needs to be operated closer to the users or event patrons since there is less heat and none of the noise or noxious fumes normally associated with full size light towers running from generators.

“The WAL-TP-2XGLM-H-1227 combines the portability of a tripod mounted scene light with the remote control positioning of our most popular and powerful spotlights,” said Rob Bresnahan with “Unlike most scene lights, operators can be 100 feet away from this Magnalight light source and still control the position of two independent light beams.  Instead of having a very large scene light, operators can use this more compact model and point the light exactly where they need it.”

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