ambulanceOSHA defines a willful violation as “one committed with intentional knowing or voluntary disregard for the law's requirements, or with plain indifference to worker safety and health.”

Of the 21 healthy and safety violations earned by Smithville Manufacturing Co. in Wooster, Ohio recently, only one was willful – but it was the one related to the traumatic amputation of a worker’s finger by an unguarded press machine.

The willful violation was cited for failing to ensure point of operation guards were in place on mechanical power presses at the stamping facility, which does short-run productions of automotive parts.

OSHA inspectors also found a total of 18 serious violations, nine of which involve lack of or improperly adjusted guarding on equipment, such as shears, grinders, screw machines and drill and power presses. Other violations involve failing to establish and train workers on energy control procedures; ensure employees lock out equipment prior to conducting maintenance or service; train workers on the use of fire extinguishers; establish die setting procedures; conduct weekly press inspections; develop a written hazard communication program; and train workers on the hazards of chemicals in the workplace.

Two other-than-serious health violations were issued for failing to develop a written respiratory protection program and blood-borne pathogens program.

Proposed penalties total $65,800.