Easton Lean Tools, a maker ofergonomicproducts that improve the productivity and lives of manufacturing workers, has introduced OpGuard, the first two-­‐hand control with the additional benefit of instant height adjustment. Two-­‐hand controls are widely used safety devices that require machine operators to have both hands on controls before operating equipment. They prevent equipment from being locked “on,” as well as accidental triggering while the operator is in harm’s way.

However, these devices are commonly rigidly fixed to the machines they control so workers of different heights are using controls locked at one level. The result can be unnecessary strain on backs, arms and other areas of the body. OpGuard helps reduce strains by adding a flexible arm to the two-­‐hand controls, enabling operators to quickly reposition their controls to an ergonomic height.

Click here for a short video demonstration.  “OpGuard is the first product of its kind, and the first of many planned products from Easton Lean Tools that will improve ergonomics on the factory floor and also the lives and productivity of workers across the country,” said Joe Tosolt, company president. “In fact, OpGuard is the result of efforts in our own manufacturing facility to solve a common ergonomic problem.”

With 11 inches of vertical adjustment, the device accommodates users of all heights.

Additional features include:

  • Availability with electric or pneumatic buttons
  • Under-­‐counter or wall surface mounting options
  • Easy integration with machine controls
  • Durable steel and die-­‐cast aluminum construction In addition, adjustable arms can be purchased independently with brackets to quickly connect existing anti-­‐tie down devices.


About Easton Lean Tools

Easton Lean Tools designs and manufactures ergonomic products that improve the productivity and lives of manufacturing employees, while embracing lean manufacturing efforts. Based in Easton Pa., Easton Lean Tools is a brand of Innovative Office Products, Inc., a pioneer in designing and manufacturing ergonomic mounting solutions for LCD monitors, televisions, tablets, laptops, and keyboards.