Vendor NewsSafety Marketing Group, a network of independently owned safety equipment distributors, has signed an agreement with GCommerce, a leading provider of distribution supply chain connectivity solutions. SMG and GCommerce will be working together to facilitate electronic document exchange between its distributor members and their suppliers to automate the procurement cycle, including purchase orders, acknowledgements, ship notices and invoices.

“We are pleased to announce the SMG EDI Solution in partnership with GCommerce. The purpose of this program is to enable cost savings and supply chain efficiencies for our members through two-way electronic document exchange between SMG Members and their Suppliers,” said Mike Smeaton, President of SMG.   “GCommerce has a proven turn-key process that facilitates adoption through education and use of a common format for all trading partners.  In essence, GCommerce becomes an extension of both the distributor and the supplier, allowing companies of any size or capability to become EDI capable.”

“This partnership has been discussed with our SMG Board of Directors and our Supplier Advisory Council and all of them see the value that this will bring to our Members and Suppliers,“ said Smeaton. “GCommerce facilitates real-time exchange of documents within the purchasing cycle between incompatible business systems and technologies, enabling distributors and suppliers to improve revenue, operational efficiencies, and profitability. They have successfully implemented EDI Solutions with hundreds of distributors in similar distribution industries and have over 1,000 supplier customers in their network, including many SMG preferred suppliers.”

Randy Stevens, Director of Sales for GCommerce, stated, “We are pleased to work with SMG due to their commitment to operational excellence and information exchange between members and suppliers.  We believe that our flexible implementation options will allow all SMG members and suppliers to participate in the efficiencies of electronic document exchange regardless of their current ecommerce capability.”

About SMG

We are a network of dominant, independent safety equipment distributors in North America.  Our member companies are unified to furnish dedicated customer service and flexibility provided best by independent entrepreneurs, owned and operated on a local level. The SMG is a corporation-organized as an industry cooperative-which is focused on group purchasing and group marketing of quality safety equipment products.  Our focus is on collective strength through strong preferred supplier programs which provides improved profit opportunities and where needed, leverage to compete with the large national distributors. We currently have over 60 distributor members whose combined sales are in excess of $900,000,000. We also have over 60 Preferred and Associate Suppliers in our organization representing the leading or top tier brands and product solutions. 

For more information, contact Mike Smeaton at (352) 848-2547 ext 2980 or

About GCommerce

GCommerce, headquartered in Des Moines, IA, is a leading provider of Cloud Solutions and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies designed to streamline distribution supply operations. Their solutions facilitate real-time, effective automation of the procurement cycle, enabling firms to improve revenue, operational efficiencies, and profitability.

For more information, contact Randy Stevens, Director of Sales, at (810) 653-1379 or