Today's NewsAn online information source is reporting that the Williams Olefins chemical plant that exploded Thursday in southern Louisiana has not been inspected by OSHA in at least two decades.

Bryce Covert of, a project of the nonpartisan Center for American Progress Action Fund, found no recorded inspections for plants producing ethylene and propylene – which were both produced at the Williams facility – in OSHA records dating back to 1993.

The explosion killed one worker and injured 73 others. It forced the evacuation of 300 workers. Residents with a two mile radius of the plant were told to shelter in place.

Covert also noted that there’ve been at least two other explosions at Louisiana petrochemical facilities in the last two years not counting the one that occurred last week, a day after the Williams blast. The second explosion, at a facility owned by CF Industries, killed one worker and injured seven others.

The report summarizes potential risks to Americans living near thousands of chemical plants across the country, and the corresponding inadequacy of OSHA inspection levels due to funding and staffing issues.

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