Educational ResourcesIn “The Case for Wasting Time and Other Management Heresies” (published by AuthorHouse) former senior vice president of human resources, successful business owner and executive coach Howard Pines breaks the conventional mold for career success by revealing unorthodox secrets that are traditionally reserved for members of the C-suite.

“Because of the current job market, it is riskier to take chances,” he says. “My advice, suggestions and approaches will help managers and executives solve problems.”  

With more than 40 years of experience in human resources and executive coaching, Pines has consulted with budding entrepreneurs and numerous senior executives, including many from global Fortune 100 companies, on how to manage an organization effectively, efficiently, and profitably.  

“The business world is much more competitive, less loyal and less forgiving than when I started out in the 1960s,” Pines says. “Everyone is busier and this affects how people build relationships, which many times, are the key to solving problems.”  

In “The Case for Wasting Time” Pines offers concrete advice on how to develop relationships and solve problems to successfully navigate the business world.

Discussing how to be successful, Pines covers unconventional topics such as when price doesn't matter, when to act tough, why adding workers isn't usually the answer, who make the best leaders and why one creative individual can be more important than a group of hard workers.

The book is part entertainment and part pragmatic advice presenting unconventional topics and approaches to achieve success,” says Pines. “In these anecdotes, you will find important lessons to be learned about using different approaches to achieve desired results.”