The Web-based application allows for ease of documentation and retention of vast amounts of employee training information and enables EHS compliance managers to implement, document and track training activities within their organization more effectively.

Vast amounts of training data can be organized into a management system; thereby providing control, consistency and continuity to meet individual company training requirements. 

The system helps streamline administrative functions while serving as a tool for enhancing safety training activities by providing for continuous improvement.


• Create customized quizzes and testing materials

• Conduct live testing and scoring

• Track answers to individual questions in real time

• Analyze quiz scores; identify trends for individual employees

• Verify quiz/testing participation by employee


• Generate printable certificates

• Capture and retain trainer and trainee signatures

• Streamline training auditing activities

• Verify compliance with company training initiatives


• Manage large amount of data with less effort; less paper

• Streamline the safety training recordkeeping function


The Training Documentation System is compatible with all existing RCI Safety training applications; affording training managers more control, consistency and continuity of all safety-related training activities and data.

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The Training Documentation System helps streamline the process of organizing and retaining large volumes of training data in a customizable format that easily fits the training requirements of a specific organization.

The innovative application also provides training managers the ongoing ability to evaluate and update their safety training and compliance education initiatives; allowing for continuous improvement of their company’s safety training program. • 800-888-9596

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